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August 29, 2012

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So I have this awful issue with my step dad: He’s kind of deaf. At his age it shouldn’t still be the case, but I think he always listened to loud music or maybe it’s the way we pronounce words that very not “british” and so he mishear things? But some times it’s not even about mishearing words any more. For example, if I have ┬ásaid “Cart-wheeler’ he’ll hear something like “Conjugal” Completely far from the original word itself. At one time it was so bad that I was contemplating wether to give him a hearing aid for Christmas or his birthday and even checked out hearing aids reviews to make sure it wouldn’t look too obvious when he wears them.

I’m not being mean, on the contrary, getting really worried for my step dad. Hopefully he’s just not focusing on what we’re saying that is why he makes up awful homophones.

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